Folicure : Hair Restoration for Men

Hair Restoration for Men

At Folicure we understand that baldness is more than just skin deep. For many people hair loss can be frustrating, embarrassing, annoying or simply devastating. Failed attempts to correct the problem through hair transplants, hair tonics, drugs and other therapies, wigs and toupees, only add fuel to the fire. Some of our clients come to us after having been thru the gamut of hair restoration techniques, only to comment that they "wish they had found Folicure first".

We achieve results that cannot be achieved through painful transplants or expensive and potentially dangerous chemical solutions, such as Rogaine and Propecia.

Whether your hair loss is partial, or you require a full head of hair, we will achieve it together.


How it works
Folicure utilizes a patented, non-surgical procedure, which restores your hair to the way it was before you experienced hair loss.

Why Folicure is different...
At Folicure, we offer sensible alternatives. Unlike other companies and Hair clubs, we do not sell mass produced wigs or toupees from Asia. A common "mis-procedure" in the hair replacement industry is to use "cookie-cutter" systems, which they attempt to force into fitting the client. When it comes to hair, one size does NOT fit all.

See the results
We've restored the hair of hundreds of men with hair loss just like yours. Our gallery of before and after photos shows just how effective Folicure's hair replacement is.